A Shark Named Pickles

Illustration & Character Design

Meet The Characters


Pickles is both adventurous and always hungry. Fortunately she has some great friends she can always rely on.


Pilot has a mind full of solutions, even when they aren't the most practical. He always likes to spend time and help out his friends.


Nugget is a new friend to Pickles and Pilot. Yet the love to bring her along on their adventures.

An Underwater World

It was important to build out the world that Pickles lives in. I wanted to make sure that kids could feel like they are exploring the bottom of the ocean like the Author does. This page highlights both Seaweed Park and the underwater Flea Market.

A Fun yet Meaningful Story

While we included an important message around keeping the oceans clean we also wanted to make sure the story was fun. This especially comes together when Pickles is interacting with her best friend Pilot the pilot fish.

The Team Behind Pickles

Written By


"The Shark Guy"


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Fedd Agency

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